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Alchemy of Sound

Gong and Sound Baths and Sound Therapy and Healing

I use sound to create a healing mediation. By using a range of deeply relaxing instruments the sound vibrations wash over you leaving you deeply relaxed.

Sound vibrations can help with pain relief,  fatigue (such as long Covid and chronic fatigue ME) and stress and stress related illnesses such as anxiety, depression and burn out.

 When the body becomes deeply relaxed it can experience insight, creativity can be stimulated and natural healing can take place.

Gong and Sound Baths

These are a very accessible group experiences. You lie down in a comfortable supported position (relaxing chairs provided for those who need them). A range of instruments such as gongs, crystal and Himalayan bowls and drums are then used to create a relaxing experience.

Sessions typically last for 90 mins.

Gong and Sound baths are suitable for most people but are not recommended for people who are pregnant, have epilepsy or seizures or conditions that are triggered by sound or have mental health challenges such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or severe depression. If in doubt please ask.

When you purchase a ticket for a sound bath, in line with buying any ticket such as for cinema, theatre, concert, etc the purchase is non refundable. If you are unable to come to the event you can give your ticket to a friend (it is helpful to let me know this and their name). If you are unable to come and tell me, I will try to find someone to take your place from the waiting list. If this is possible I will send you a voucher for another sound bath for free. However the later you leave your cancellation the less likely people are to be able to come at the last minute. If I cannot find someone to take your place then I am sorry but I cannot offer you another place. Please understand I am just a one person small business trying to get by, I really appreciate your support with this.

To Book just choose your event below:

Sound Therapy and Healing

Sound Therapy is an individual tailor made experience where the instruments are chosen to reflect your specific needs. You lie on a comfortable couch surrounded by the instruments so the sound truly washes over the body. The experience is often deeper and stronger than in group sessions and the impact more personal to you. Sessions last for 75 minutes.

Chrisandra is a fully qualified sound therapist with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and a member of the International Therapeutic Sound Association.

1 to 1 classes are £48 for 1 hour or £180 for a block of 4 and are available Mondays, Tuesday pm and Wednesdays


At present I have a waiting list for 1 to 1 sound therapy. If you would like to join the waiting list click here:

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