Studio Classes OPEN FROM JUNE 1st 

Holistic   Friendly   Authentic  Accessible

Classes, Individual 1 to 1 Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Workshops 

in Porchester Gardens, Mapperley Nottingham

Our classes are every Tuesday

Evening (All) 7.00 pm - 8.15 pm  All Level



Morning (women) 11.00 - 12.15  All level class




Classes cost £9.00 pay as you go. Zoom classes cost £7.50. Click to choose your class and book a place. If your chosen class is not available it is worth joining the waiting list as cancellations do happen.

Zoom classes are also available alongside some live classes. 

Any questions ? you can contact us by clicking here:

Our Yoga - Holistic Yoga for Everyone

Ever wanted to try yoga but thought you were not flexible enough, too old, wrong size ?

Anybody can access the benefits of yoga, yoga practice is a uniquely individual experience even when attending a class -  its not about making perfect shapes, being super bendy and looking good in Lycra. 


The yoga we offer is about improving individual well being regardless of size, shape, age - Yoga for Everyone.

In our yoga practice we can begin to breath more efficiently, understand ourselves and our bodies better and become more at ease with ourselves. Our classes are centred around a mindful approach, helping us be more aware and resilient in all areas of life. As well as that, some laughter and joy can be experienced in class, as important in yoga as it is life. 


We aim to guide our students with transformational techniques, including physical (Asana) practice, breathing practices (Pranayama) and meditation, relaxation, in order to bring about a state of harmony, balance and ultimately contentment.

Our classes are suitable for all levels and we like to encourage people new to yoga and mature people. We do not currently offer pregnancy Yoga.

Our Studio

The Yoga Studio offers a unique, intimate and welcoming atmosphere with cosy underfloor heating, especially comforting when sitting/lying on the floor!


We have found that practising yoga in a beautiful space really enhances our practice. After many years of teaching in rather grubby, stark halls, when we built the Yoga Studio we prioritised creating a special sanctuary of warmth and calmness for the yoga community of Mapperley and surrounding areas. We also have an extensive range of yoga equipment to help ensure that your practice is as comfortable and developed as possible.

Covid protection

In order to welcome you back safely the following measures are in place:

The studio floor is cleaned regularly with a bleach solution.

Door handles and other touched surfaces wiped with antibacterial cloth between every class.

Room thoroughly ventilated before and during class.

Wide spacing between mats and small class sizes to meet government requirements.

Hand sanitizer provided for use on arrival.

No sharing of props or mats.

Track and trace details taken for each participant. 


On to one - Individual classes

Individual yoga classes with Jane

Useful for those new to yoga or for those seeking more individual time to develop and deepen their practice.

Individual sessions: £40:00 (1 hour) 


Yoga therapy with Jane 

Yoga therapy is a self care approach to wellness. Working with the mind and the body the aim is to work together to explore the most appropriate  techniques and tools that will be most helpful  helpful to improve your health, or support you with any on going issues that may be causing you stress, discomfort, pain  or other negative symptoms of illness.  

What happens?

Prior to the first session a form will be completed giving information about about general health, issues to be considered. At the first session the form will be reviewed and any further information gathered about routines, lifestyle choices, what is important to you, what you hope to gain from the sessions.

Working together we determine the approach to be taken and explore some techniques you will be able to use; establishing the amount of time you have to practice the tools is important, and a short programme will be written for you to take away with you.

In subsequent sessions there will be a brief review of how the practice is working for you and then you will be guided through the practice with elements being changed, or additional tools added as needed. 

Yoga Therapy is an empowering and life affirming experience and must be done with commitment, willingness and enthusiasm to discover more about you and what your body and mind yearns for.

Initial Assessment of one and a half hours £50

Follow up one hour £40

Sound Healing with Chrisandra (not currently available due to Covid restrictions)

A total relaxing and healing experience. Using Tibetan singing bowls placed on the body, vocal toning and a range of other instruments the body is filled with pure vibrations to clear, balance and heal. 

One hour of Sound Healing £40

Restorative 1 to 1 yoga with Chrisandra (not currently available due to Covid restrictions)

Restorative yoga uses passive stretches supported by bolsters/blankets etc and works at a deep level on both physical/mental/emotional/energy issues. Each pose is held in comfort for longer than in a normal yoga class. It is delicious and feels so good!

It is particularly good for people with busy minds or lots of responsibilities, those who feel tired a lot of the time or have trouble sleeping, people who find it hard to relax, have issues with depression or anxiety, have balance problems, are recovering from illness or injury or just want to slow down and experience a deeply relaxing and renewing practice.

One hour £40



Chrisandra is a qualified yoga teacher (Yoga Professionals) and she has been practising yoga for over 25 years. She teaches mainly Hatha style yoga and restorative yoga.
Her main teachers have been Judith Lasater, A.G Mohan, Indra Mohan, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli, Conrad Paul, Vinod Nair Karicheri, Anne Malone and Lizzie Lasater.
She has been leading sacred dance, circle dance, folk dance and meditation events since 1989.
She also has qualifications in dance, movement, dance meditation, meditation, yoga nidra, restorative yoga (senior Practioner), pranayama  and sound therapy. 
She has a particular interest in working with women, helping people who are stressed , anxious or depressed,  as well as working with mature people and those new to yoga.
Jane is a qualified yoga teacher (Yoga Professionals) .She has been practising yoga for over 25 years. Her teaching is based on yoga therapy and Hatha yoga.
She has studied Iyengar, Hatha, and Kashmir Yoga and has studied with and been influenced by national and international teachers; Uma Dunsmore Tulli, Nirlipta Tuli, Anna Blackmore, Penny Roberts, Lisa Kaley Isley, Vinod Nair Karicheri, Judith Lasater and Conrad Paul.
Jane is a qualified Total Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga teacher and has completed her Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Campus in London.
She draws on this wealth of experience to offer accessible and thoughtful workshops sprinkled with humour, warmth, and a touch of fun.
She has a particular interest in working with people new to yoga, older people, people with illness and disability such as fibromyalgia, migraine, back issues and pain management.

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