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Yoga Classes, 1 to 1 Yoga, Yoga Therapy,

in Porchester Gardens, Mapperley Nottingham

Beginners always welcome

Ever wanted to try yoga but thought you were not flexible enough, too old, wrong size ? Anybody can access the benefits of yoga, yoga practice is a uniquely individual experience even when attending a class -  its not about making perfect shapes, being super bendy and looking good in Lycra. 

The yoga we offer is about improving individual well being regardless of size, shape, age - Yoga for Everyone.

In our yoga practice we can begin to breath more efficiently, understand ourselves and our bodies better and become more at ease with ourselves. Our classes are centred around a mindful approach, helping us be more aware and resilient in all areas of life. As well as that, some laughter and joy can be experienced in class, as important in yoga as it is life. 

We aim to guide our students with transformational techniques, including physical (Asana) practice, breathing practices (Pranayama) and meditation, relaxation, in order to bring about a state of harmony, balance and ultimately contentment.

Our classes are suitable for all levels and we like to encourage people new to yoga and mature people. We do not currently offer pregnancy Yoga.

Our classes are every Tuesday

Evening (All) 7.00 pm - 8.15 pm  All Level class



Daytime Womens class 11.00 - 12.15. All level class.




Classes cost £10.00 pay as you go. Zoom classes cost £8. Click to choose your class and book a place. If your chosen class is not available it is worth joining the waiting list as cancellations often happen.

Contact us if you would like to join classes by Zoom. 














Any questions ? you can contact us by clicking here:






Menu of delights:


Holistic Yoga classes - suitable for beginners and the experienced. Nourish the mind and the body. Our classes are 75 minutes to allow for deep relaxation. No long term commitment, we believe our classes speak for themselves. Book on line. £10 per class.

Individual 1 to 1 tailor made yoga programs at a time and day to suit you:

Back care program - many people come to yoga because of problems or pain with the back and gentle targeted yoga can help enormously. We can offer you a 4 week back programme intensive to help with your individual back needs with Jane a qualified yoga therapist.

Relieving stress and anxiety program - modern lives often inundate us with feelings of stress and anxiety. Research has shown how detrimental this is to our long term health. Holistic yoga can offer a range of techniques to help cope with and release these feelings leaving you feeling more relaxed, better able to cope with what life throws at you and ultimately happier and more content.

Sleep better programme - sleep deprivation or difficulty in sleeping can have a huge impact on our waking hours. Holistic yoga can help you with a number of methods that can help, both during your waking hours and when you want to sleep.

You get:

Relaxation programme - is your life forever busy, no time for yourself, no time to slow down? Our relaxation programme will give you the experience of deep relaxation and nourishment in our beautiful and calming studio and will also provide you with a range of mini relaxation techniques that you can use at home to continue and enhance the wellbeing experience.

Breath better programme - although we breath every moment we are rarely aware of how much our breath can affect our total wellbeing. When we are under stress or over busy our breath goes into fight or flight mode. This was useful 1,000 years ago when we needed to flee from predators but today it can result in a range of issues including IBS, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, depression and migraines. In holistic yoga we use a range of techniques that can turn this responses around and result in better digestion, lowered heart rate and a calmer and positive outlook.

Restorative yoga programmeRestorative yoga uses passive stretches supported by bolsters/blankets etc and works at a deep level on both physical/mental/emotional/energy issues. Each pose is held in comfort for longer than in a normal yoga class. It is delicious and feels so good!

It is particularly good for people with busy minds or lots of responsibilities, those who feel tired a lot of the time or have trouble sleeping, people who find it hard to relax, have issues with depression or anxiety, have balance problems, are recovering from illness or injury or just want to slow down and experience a deeply relaxing and renewing practice.

To enquire or book your dates please contact us.


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